Multiple Mission weekend

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Search & Rescue Press Release



Incident Reported:         Multiple Missions Weekend


Incident Number:           15C05268 & 15C05301 & 15c05381


Date / Time:                   Starting Friday Night 4-10-15 to Current


Location:                        Forest Service # 1204(White Pass) & White Pass Ski Area & Mt Adams


Contact person:             Sgt. George Town          Phone: 574-2535




Starting at 8:51 P.M. Friday night the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a lost subject on White Pass.  YSO Deputies along with Search & Rescue responded to the area of Pine Mt off the Forest Road #1204 where a male subject was out hiking with his dog, he became disoriented as it was snowing in the area.


The subject was located By Deputy Brad Martin (YSO #104), and guided the subject back to his vehicle.

Both the subject and his dog were Ok and assisted back to their cabin near Rimrock Lake.


On Saturday at 1617 Hrs. YSO received a call of a lost Skier from White Pass.

White Pass Ski Patrol responded along with YSO Pass Deputy Perry Brown and Search & Rescue.  By 1813 Hrs. the Ski Patrol had located the subject and assisted him back to the lodge.


On Sunday night at 1750 Hrs. YSO received a report of 2 lost hikers on Mt Adams.  SAR mobilized their team from (Central Washington Mountain Rescue).  The 2 got disoriented in a snow storm descending from the top, and got off trail around the 6,000 ft. elevation. 

At 0240 Hrs. the search team had located the subjects.

The subjects were NOT prepared.  No shelter or way to build a fire.  They were cold and wet, but otherwise OK.  They were assisted back to the Cold Springs camp ground.  (Trail head).


As of 0900 hrs.  (Monday morning) the subjects had been reunited with the rest of their party at Trout Lake, and the Search teams were Enroute back to Yakima.



Sgt .George Town

Search & Rescue Coordinator






Jeep Accident





Press Release





On November 28th 2014 the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office and Yakima County Fire Departments provided mutual aid to assist the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office with a Jeep that had rolled over on FS 591 Rd. about 2.5 miles up in the county of Kittitas.


It was determined that two 25 year old Yakima residents were driving on the roads in wintery conditions when the Jeep they were driving drove off the embankment and down steep terrain where the Jeep rolled. The passenger, Jarrod M. Oyarzo was ejected and died at the scene. The driver suffered head and shoulder injuries.


It was determined that neither the driver nor the passenger were wearing their seatbelts.


Yakima County Search and Rescue along with Yakima City Fire Dept. Technical unit were utilized to recover Mr. Oyarzo.


The driver was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries. He was later released.




Sgt. Ed Levesque

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office



White Pass Helicopter Rescue

Search & Rescue Press Release



Incident Reported:  Ill Hiker


Incident Number:   14C11904


Date / Time:             7-30-14, @ 1550 Hrs.


Location:                   White Pass




Naches Fire was originally called to the area of Clear Lake to “check on a Teenager.” Upon their arrival they were directed up  Forest service road 540.  Once at the end of the road then were advised the Patient was another 2 mile hike in towards the “falls” near the summit of White Pass and her condition was getting worse. 


A Paramedic from AMR and 2 EMT’s from the Fire Dept. started hiking in.

A Helicopter was requested from Life Flight as well as the ‘Yakima Tech Rescue team” and Yakima County Search & Rescue.  


As the additional teams were arriving and started there hike in, the first team had made it in and began treating the patient. They requested a second helicopter that has hoist, as the patient was at the base of “Clear Creek Falls.”  


The request was approved from the State Emergency Operations Center, and “Guardian 2” A Helo from King County was Dispatched. The patient was extricated with their hoist, and flown to Harborview Hospital.


The Patient is a 16 year old female that resides on the west side.  She was on a hiking trip with her church group, when she became ill.

Her parents were notified, and enroute to meet up with her at the hospital.

Her condition was considered serious enough that the medics determined she need to go directly to Harborview.

Search & Rescue Press Release UP-DATE

Incident Reported: Missing Subject / Possible Drowning


Incident Number:   14C06238


Date / Time:             5-3-14, @ 0900 Hrs.


Location:                   Roza Canal


Contact person:      Sgt. George Town              Phone: 574-2535 / 728-0788




Yakima County Search & Rescue continued the search of the Roza Canal today.


Crews started out at 0900 hrs. using Quads and 4x4 vehicles to search the canal system.

Teams worked from the Terrace Heights Power station, through Terrace Heights and south across the East Valley to Konnowac Pass. 

As teams were continuing south to the Lower valley we received a report from a citizen on Cheyne Rd out of Zillah, they believed they had spotted the subject in the canal.


SAR teams moved directly to the location and were on-scene with-in 20 minutes.  There were SAR members at a spillway 4 miles downstream to the point last seen, and continued to search that area for 4 hours without locating the subject.

As evening set in, the days search was suspended till tomorrow morning




Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office 574-2500




George Town

Sergeant / Special Operations

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office

574-2535 Office

728-0788 Cell

Injured Snowmobiler

Search & Rescue Press Release



Incident Reported: Injured Snowmobiler


Incident Number:   14C04569


Date / Time:             3-29-2014, @ 1200 Hrs.

Location:                   Chinook Pass (Little Naches)


Contact person:      Sgt. George Town              Phone: 574-2535 / 728-0788




Yakima County Search & Rescue (Snow mobile team) & Upper Valley Fire Dept.’s. Snow team (Nile & Naches & Naches Hts.) 

The combined teams assisted Kittitas County with a rescue of an injured snowmobiler in the little Naches area on Sunday afternoon.


Kittitas County received the call of the injured subject up Forest Service road 1901, near “Lilly pond”.   This area is in Kittitas County, but they requested our assistance as the access is much closer for the Yakima teams to get to.



The snowmobiler had gone over an approx. 10 foot snow drift, crashing into the hill on the other side.  The subject suffered leg/hip injury and was, unable to move.  EMT/ Paramedics from the Snow Rescue units made it to the patient and were able to treat & stabilize him at the location. He was transported out in a rescue sled to the Little Naches road where he was then transferred to an awaiting Ambulance (AMR).


The subject, a 30 year old male from Naches was then transported to Yakima Memorial Hospital for further treatment.


Kittitas County Deputies had responded from Ellensburg and took over the investigation.


George Town

Sergeant / Special Operations

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office

574-2535 Office

728-0788 Cell


Oso Washington Mudslides

Search & Rescue Press Release



Incident Reported: K-9 assist (Mud Slide) in OSO, WA.


Incident Number:   14C04417


Date / Time:             3-28-2014, @ 0600 Hrs.


Location:                   OSO, WA.


Contact person:      Sgt. George Town              Phone: 728-0788




Yakima County Search & Rescue has been requested to assist in the on-going operation in OSO WA.  At approximately 5 P.M. last night the Washington State Emergency Operation center contacted Yakima County SAR along with several other Counties that have the specialized K-9 groups certified in HRD.  (Human Remains Detection).


Yakima SAR has several such dogs with certified handlers. 

One team headed out last night, to begin operations at 6 A.M. this morning, with two more teams leaving later today.

The Yakima teams will be part of the “Washington Search team 1” based out of Darrington, WA.


Darrington is one of two Base camps set up for this large scale operation.

Crews are expected to be searching through the weekend.


George Town

Sergeant / Search & Rescue Coordinator

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office

(509) 728-0788

Press Release

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office                                        Ken Irwin, Sheriff

PO Box 1388, Yakima, Washington                                                                                            Telephone (509) 574-2500

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 Search & Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Missing hiker

Incident Number:   13C14854

Date / Time:             10-5-2013, @ 0600 Hrs

Location:                   From Mt Adams to White Pass

Contact person:      Sgt. George Town              Phone: 574-2535 / 728-0788


Yakima County Search & Rescue has been working with Skamania County as they started the search for Alejandra Wilson earlier this week.  Wilson was reported missing when she failed to check in at her next stop at White Pass.  Wilson was last seen leaving Trout Lake just south of Mt Adams late Friday afternoon. 

Wilson a (Through hiker) on the Pacific Crest Trail that starts at Mexico ending in Canada.

On Tuesday some fellow hikers of Wilson that were one day behind her had to be rescued due to the winter storm that hit the area, dumping 2 plus feet of snow over night.  Skamania County SAR along with a Coast Guard helicopter extricated the couple just West of Mt Adams. 

Over the next 2 days Wash State Aviation flying a fixed wing aircraft along with the Coast Guard Helo continued to search for Wilson along the Cascade Crest from Mt Adams to White Pass, with no luck.

On Saturday 10-5-13 Yakima County Search & Rescue took over the search. 

At 0600 hrs 5 Search teams, including a combination of volunteers & some experienced hiking friends joined in with the Yakima SAR teams, all assembling in Packwood, WA.  The command post was established at Walupt Lake South of Packwood.

Teams were deployed into several locations along the Crest trail.

At approximately 2:30 P.M. a search team Located Ms Wilson as she was walking down the Killen creek drainage off the Crest trail. 

Wilson was transported to the command post where she was medically checked.

Wilson was cold and tired but otherwise OK.  She was reunited with her friends and family.

Wilson said she too got stranded by the deep snow from the storm, and waited till condition got better, when she could make her way out.

George Town

Yakima County Sheriff's Office

Sergeant / Special Operations

SAR Coordinator

Search And Rescue Press Release

Search & Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Multiple Missions

Incident Number:   13C09708 – 13C09802

Date / Time:           7-7-2013, @ 1130 Hrs

Location:                From Mt Adams to Twin Sisters Mt

Contact person:     Sgt. George Town


Yakima County Search & Rescue has been on the “GO” almost non-stop since Friday night.  There have been multiple missions starting Friday night:  The Mobile Command post was requested to Assist Upper Valley Fire Dept’s with operations on the large fire near Selah.  This Operation for SAR started around Midnight and continued till around 7 AM.  During the night The Yakima Police Command post came out and set up communication with additional “Fire Dispatchers” to assist.  SAR / YSO Deputies and YPD Officers checked an area north of the Naches River across the RXR trestle for any homeless people that might be in harm’s way of the fire.  None were located.

At 1235 hrs Sat SAR was requested to assist in an evidence search in the Lower valley.

SAR personal assisted Grandview Police with their investigation of the “Home invasion Robbery case.”  This search concluded around 1853 Hrs

While the evidence search was on-going, SAR was requested to Mt Adams.

Climbing rangers from USFS Mt Adams ranger district were on-scene assisting an injured climber from near the Summit.

The climber, was a woman with an injured ankle, and was un-able to walk.  The Rangers requested assistance getting the women off the Mt. The Rangers were able to get her down to the “Crescent glacier,” but from there down it was more difficult.

Klickitat County SAR assisted the Yakima team with this rescue.

This was a successful rescue, and crews returned back to Yakima arriving home around 2 A.M. Sunday morning

As this mission was ending, another request for Search & Rescue at 0147 hrs………..This time to “The Twin Sisters” off Chinook Pass.

A reported, “Ill child.”  The 6 year old was ill, and located 6 miles in on the trail to the Twin Sisters.

One of SAR’s mission coordinators (Wayne Frudd) was able to hike in to the Patient.

He was able to assist getting the child treated & transported out with assistance of a horse team that was there.

This mission was another success ending around 11 AM today.

ALL Search & Rescue Teams are currently home and trying to get some well deserved rest.


George Town

Yakima County Sheriff's Office

Sergeant / Special Operations

SAR Coordinator

(509) 574-2535

Search and Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Missing Sky Diver (King County)

Incident Number: 13c00182

Date / Time: 1-7-2013, @ 0800 Hrs

Location: Mt Si (North Bend)

Contact person: Sgt. George Town Phone: 574-2535


Yakima County Search & Rescue joins in with SAR Teams from around the State to the Mutual Request from King County. The Yakima group had 2 teams sent over to Mt Si this weekend.

The King County Sheriff’s Office has ended a search for a skydiver who has been missing since a jump from a helicopter near Mount Si on Thursday afternoon.

Over the past four days, 386 volunteers from 19 agencies have searched an area of about nine square miles for Kurt Ruppert of Lake City, Fla. The sheriff’s office helicopter also searched for three days from the air.

Ruppert jumped from 6,500 feet, wearing a wingsuit. Known as a “birdman suits” or “flying squirrel suits,” the suits have a webbed design featuring fabric or material between the legs and under the arms that increases a skydiver’s surface area, making the fall slower, and giving more horizontal glide.

Crews extensively searched a quarter-mile area that offered the most potential for finding him, given the helicopter’s flight path and information from Ruppert’s cell phone immediately after his jump

George Town

Sgt/ SAR coordinator

(509) 574-2535


Incident Reported: Lost Hunter

Incident Number: 12c15961

Date / Time: 10-27-2012, @ 2150 Hrs

Location: Bear Lake

Contact person: Sgt. George Town Phone: 574-2535


The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the subject’s wife stating that she got a text message from her husband (who was hunting alone) stating that he was in the “Bear Lake Area” but was lost. Search & Rescue was notified, and teams were deployed into the area.

By 0200 Hrs teams had picked up the subjects track in the snow. As they closed in on the subject he was able to fire off a couple warning shots to help the teams locate him.
At 0330 hrs teams had located the subject just off FS road# 238 south of the lake.

The subject had apparently fallen and had a knee injury, and was completely soaked. He was seriously Hypothermic, confused and laying in the snow, unable to move.
The ground teams were able to load him into a “stroke’s” and carry him out to the road. He was then transported to the waiting fire crews and ambulance at Hwy 12 at the Oak Creek feeding Station.

The subject (56 year old Yakima resident) was reunited with his family at memorial hospital, where he was reported to be doing “better”.
According to the Paramedics, the subject may not have survived the night, if not located as he was in “serious hypothermia.”

George Town
Sgt/ SAR coordinator