Search and Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Missing Sky Diver (King County)

Incident Number: 13c00182

Date / Time: 1-7-2013, @ 0800 Hrs

Location: Mt Si (North Bend)

Contact person: Sgt. George Town Phone: 574-2535


Yakima County Search & Rescue joins in with SAR Teams from around the State to the Mutual Request from King County. The Yakima group had 2 teams sent over to Mt Si this weekend.

The King County Sheriff’s Office has ended a search for a skydiver who has been missing since a jump from a helicopter near Mount Si on Thursday afternoon.

Over the past four days, 386 volunteers from 19 agencies have searched an area of about nine square miles for Kurt Ruppert of Lake City, Fla. The sheriff’s office helicopter also searched for three days from the air.

Ruppert jumped from 6,500 feet, wearing a wingsuit. Known as a “birdman suits” or “flying squirrel suits,” the suits have a webbed design featuring fabric or material between the legs and under the arms that increases a skydiver’s surface area, making the fall slower, and giving more horizontal glide.

Crews extensively searched a quarter-mile area that offered the most potential for finding him, given the helicopter’s flight path and information from Ruppert’s cell phone immediately after his jump

George Town

Sgt/ SAR coordinator

(509) 574-2535