Search And Rescue Press Release

Search & Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Multiple Missions

Incident Number:   13C09708 – 13C09802

Date / Time:           7-7-2013, @ 1130 Hrs

Location:                From Mt Adams to Twin Sisters Mt

Contact person:     Sgt. George Town


Yakima County Search & Rescue has been on the “GO” almost non-stop since Friday night.  There have been multiple missions starting Friday night:  The Mobile Command post was requested to Assist Upper Valley Fire Dept’s with operations on the large fire near Selah.  This Operation for SAR started around Midnight and continued till around 7 AM.  During the night The Yakima Police Command post came out and set up communication with additional “Fire Dispatchers” to assist.  SAR / YSO Deputies and YPD Officers checked an area north of the Naches River across the RXR trestle for any homeless people that might be in harm’s way of the fire.  None were located.

At 1235 hrs Sat SAR was requested to assist in an evidence search in the Lower valley.

SAR personal assisted Grandview Police with their investigation of the “Home invasion Robbery case.”  This search concluded around 1853 Hrs

While the evidence search was on-going, SAR was requested to Mt Adams.

Climbing rangers from USFS Mt Adams ranger district were on-scene assisting an injured climber from near the Summit.

The climber, was a woman with an injured ankle, and was un-able to walk.  The Rangers requested assistance getting the women off the Mt. The Rangers were able to get her down to the “Crescent glacier,” but from there down it was more difficult.

Klickitat County SAR assisted the Yakima team with this rescue.

This was a successful rescue, and crews returned back to Yakima arriving home around 2 A.M. Sunday morning

As this mission was ending, another request for Search & Rescue at 0147 hrs………..This time to “The Twin Sisters” off Chinook Pass.

A reported, “Ill child.”  The 6 year old was ill, and located 6 miles in on the trail to the Twin Sisters.

One of SAR’s mission coordinators (Wayne Frudd) was able to hike in to the Patient.

He was able to assist getting the child treated & transported out with assistance of a horse team that was there.

This mission was another success ending around 11 AM today.

ALL Search & Rescue Teams are currently home and trying to get some well deserved rest.


George Town

Yakima County Sheriff's Office

Sergeant / Special Operations

SAR Coordinator

(509) 574-2535