Search & Rescue Press Release UP-DATE

Incident Reported: Missing Subject / Possible Drowning


Incident Number:   14C06238


Date / Time:             5-3-14, @ 0900 Hrs.


Location:                   Roza Canal


Contact person:      Sgt. George Town              Phone: 574-2535 / 728-0788




Yakima County Search & Rescue continued the search of the Roza Canal today.


Crews started out at 0900 hrs. using Quads and 4x4 vehicles to search the canal system.

Teams worked from the Terrace Heights Power station, through Terrace Heights and south across the East Valley to Konnowac Pass. 

As teams were continuing south to the Lower valley we received a report from a citizen on Cheyne Rd out of Zillah, they believed they had spotted the subject in the canal.


SAR teams moved directly to the location and were on-scene with-in 20 minutes.  There were SAR members at a spillway 4 miles downstream to the point last seen, and continued to search that area for 4 hours without locating the subject.

As evening set in, the days search was suspended till tomorrow morning




Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office 574-2500




George Town

Sergeant / Special Operations

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office

574-2535 Office

728-0788 Cell